Motor-based disability

Your wheelchair or personal mobility device

Air France transports 2 wheelchairs or personal mobility devices (manual or electric) at no extra cost. While there is no size or weight limit, it is possible that certain airports lack the necessary means for boarding or exiting the aircraft. In addition, the size of certain aircraft operated by Air France's partner airline companies may not allow loading heavy or large devices. To best arrange for the transport of your devices, we strongly recommend that you book no less than 48 hours before your departure. We also recommend that you check in no less than 2 hours before departure, so we can take charge of your devices in the best possible conditions. We will take every precaution to avoid any damages. However, we recommend that you keep any items that could easily be lost in your hand baggage: pressure-relief cushions, moveable footrest, etc.

Transport conditions for your wheelchair

To view the conditions of transport for your personal mobility device, select your wheelchair type from the list below.

Baggage tags for your personal mobility device

We have created special baggage tags for wheelchairs and personal mobility devices. Print yours before the flight!

  1. Download the tag corresponding to your personal mobility device
  2. Print the tag on A4 paper (8 1/2" x 11") in color (mandatory)
  3. Fill in the required information
  4. Fold your tag in 4, following the dotted lines
  5. At the airport on the day of departure, insert your baggage tag into an Air France baggage tag holder (provided free of charge at the airport) and attach it to your device

Please note: baggage tags and baggage tag holders are reusable.

Safety rules regarding wheelchair batteries

Two types of batteries are possible:

  • So-called “invertible” batteries (also called “dry-cell batteries”): lithium batteries are considered invertible,
  • So-called “non-invertible” batteries (also called “wet-cell batteries”).

To view the transport conditions for batteries, please see the list below.

We recommend that you indicate the type or types of wheelchairs you intend to transport no less than 48 hours before your departure.

Assistance wheelchairs

Assistance staff use wheelchairs to take you from a designated place in the airport to the aircraft, and then from the aircraft to the airport exit. These wheelchairs are also used during your connections if you are unable to recuperate your personal wheelchair. In certain cases, you must also use these wheelchairs on board, to move to and from the aircraft’s doorway and seat.

Onboard wheelchairs

All aircraft operated by Air France are equipped with an onboard wheelchair that is designed to circulate in aircraft aisles and access the restrooms during the flight. If you cannot transfer yourself to and from your seat and the onboard wheelchair, our staff will help you do so. They will also guide you through the aisles or to the restrooms. However, you will not receive any assistance within the restrooms. Please note: the maximum authorized weight on an onboard wheelchair is 100 kg / 220 lb, with a width of 35 cm / 165 in between armrests. If your body mass or disability prevents you from using the onboard wheelchair, please inform us during booking.

Preparing for and booking your trip