Other circumstances or disabilities

Certain disabilities or pathologies may require special preparation or the presence of a travel companion, even if the latter is not mandatory.

Passengers who are paralyzed or missing both arms

Passengers who are paralyzed or missing both arms but have use of their legs may travel without a companion. They will receive assistance on board to attach and detach their seatbelt, as well as to place and adjust the oxygen mask if needed. However, this assistance does not include:

  • help with eating or taking medication,
  • assistance within the restrooms,
  • or all other personal assistance.

It is therefore necessary to ensure that the unaccompanied passenger can perform certain duties necessary during air travel, without outside help. If this is not the case, we recommend that he or she travel with a companion in order to avoid any difficulty on board.

Please note: we recommend that you inform us that a passenger who is paralyzed or missing both arms will be traveling so that we may prepare the necessary assistance.

Body brace or brace seat

Do you use a body brace or a brace seat? Please let us know at the time of booking or at the latest 48 hours before your departure. Before contacting our services, please download the form below and note the dimensions of your equipment. This information is necessary for you to get settled on board safely. Please note: it is not possible to use a body brace or brace seat in the Business cabin on certain Boeing 777 and all Boeing 787.

Download the form

Traveling with a hidden disability

The Sunflower symbol Air France recognizes the Sunflower symbol of the "Hidden Disabilities Sunflower®" program as a way to facilitate the identification and travel experience of its customers with hidden disabilities. This marker discreetly indicates that assistance may be required during their journey.

Please note, however, that this distinctive sign does not entitle the holder to special treatment or priority access at security checkpoints.

If you choose to wear the "Hidden Disabilities Sunflower®" with the official lanyard, you can ask for assistance from our staff. They are trained to recognize and better understand hidden disabilities to better meet your needs throughout your trip.

If you need specific assistance during your trip, do not hesitate to contact our assistance service as early as possible to better plan for your unique needs.

If you would to get "Hidden Disabilities Sunflower®" items and find out more about the program, please visit their website directly: lehiddendisabilitiesstore.com