Flavor that soars

Air France makes your flight a gourmet interlude with its award-winning dining offer. Original creations, starred chefs, selected wines, and tableware worthy of the finest palaces... Travel to the heart of French gastronomy!

Gourmet cuisine at the heart of Air France

Embark on a journey of pure indulgence on our long-haul flights. In all our cabins, our team provides you with a French culinary itinerary combining gastronomy, freshness, and originality. Treat yourself to our gourmet breaks on our long-haul flights and to a selection of sweet and savory delights at the self-service buffet on certain flights.


Wines and champagne

Enjoy one of the most beautiful wine and champagne lists Our sommeliers' choices are based on quality, balance, and land. Our ambition? To offer you the best of French vineyards, and guide you in discovering the rich diversity of this heritage. On board and in our lounges, Air France unveils the best of French terroirs. Our wine and champagne list is prepared with the expertise of Paolo Basso, named best sommelier in the world in 2013.


Air France lounges

Before your trip or during a connection, enjoy an exceptional and sustainable culinary experience, with dishes proposed by renowned chefs such as Alain Ducasse, Chloé Charles, and François Adamski.

meal Alain Ducasse

Art of the table

Because nothing wakes up our senses more than elegance, we are committed to offering you a culinary experience that celebrate French heritage with Jean-Marie Massaud and Eugeni Quitlet’s impeccably designed tableware. We are committed to eco-design to better control the impact our products and services have on the environment. This approach has been developed for tableware and trays served in Premium Economy and Economy cabins, effectively reducing the weight of materials and CO2 emissions by one third.


For flights departing from Europe and Overseas France departments, information concerning allergens in meals is provided on board by our staff. Please note: if your flight is operated by one of our partner airlines, some of the services offered by Air France on board or at the airport may not be available.